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Blink 182

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by tamamoreira

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Year: 1998 - Album: Dick Lips

Intro:  A D A D A D E D (2x) 

Verse 1:
I'm feeling what 
I want to feel 
I'm saying what I've 
said all along 
Because I know the 
things that are 
important to me 
Because life is too 
short to be long 
And those thoughts 
That I've kept inside 
With those words 
That I could not hide 
Before those times 
that always remind me 
     E          D 
That all I ever did was try 

A F#m So change your tune one E D step to make a stand A F#m I want to speak my mind E D start my own african tribe D A F#m I'm alone now run into E D the deepest pile of shit A F#m E Cause that's where I'm going to blend in go!
Post-Chorus: A D A D A D E D Verse 2: A Those choices that D I've never made A With those decisions D that once cut me a break A Cause after all what's D left in the end E There's somethings that D they just can't take A So take a bow D Well you're not that A great Go pack your back D Go off and masturbate A Cause one thing that D you know for sure E Your hand is not D a lonesome date (Repeat chorus) Interlude: A D A D A D E D (2x) (Repeat Chorus) Outro: D A
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