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My Pet Sally Ukulele tab

Blink 182

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by jessgomes

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My Pet Sally

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Riff 1: E |---------------------------------| B |---------------------------------| G |----9-----9r6-----7r6---7r6---7--| D |--7---7-7-----7-7-----7-----7----| A |---------------------------------| E |---------------------------------| Riff 2: E |------------------------------------| B |------------------------------------| G |------6-------7-------9-------7-----| D |----6---6---7---7---9---9---7---7---| A |--4-------5-------7-------5---------| E |------------------------------------|
Verse: A E A D I'm gonna wanna see myself with someone too A E D A Friends I don't pay are friends i never knew A E A D So I took the chance and got some help from a few A E D A And got a long and skinny friend to talk to Chorus: E D A Cause I have the time and the liberty E D A To play with my pet sally E C# D Riff 1 Please don't go away, sally please Verse: No more lonely showers and uneaten foods My salamander has hygiene too And he thinks of me the way I think of you The only next step is for him to say I do Chorus Interlude: w/Riff 2 Sally please don't go away I won't be living in yesterday The lonely nights Getting beat up by gays in bar fights
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