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Fuck A Dog (Bonus Track) Ukulele tab

Blink 182

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Fuck A Dog (Bonus Track)

Isso se repete até o final da música sem interromper. 
I want to fuck a dog in the ass (he wants to fuck a dog in the ass)  
I want to fuck a dog, that's right kids  
I tried to fuck your mom in the ass, 
tried to fuck your dad in the ass,  
could only find the dog, and his ass   
We want to fuck a dog in the ass  
We want to fuck a dog in the ass  
We want to fuck a dog   
I tried to fuck a fucking pirate in the ass  
(argh, me and me first mate ya skurvey keir )  
Tried to fuck a fucking pirate, but I found a dog  
(Ah, that was no pirate man that was the own sister)   
(it`s a mexican pirate)   
We wanna fuck a dog in the ass  
We wanna fuck a dog in the ass  
We wanna fuck a dog 
Fuck you 
Contribuição: Henrique Aguirre([email protected]) 
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