Billy Vera and the Beaters

At This Moment

Billy Vera and the Beaters

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At This Moment

	  		     At This Moment 
     Billy Vera and the Beaters 

     Intro-  Cm7  Gm7   Bb  C 

    F                   Am7 
What did you think..      I would do at this moment 
What did you think..      I would say at this moment 

    Eb                        D 
When your standin'..          With tears in your eyes 
Faced with the knowledge...   That you just don't love me 

    Gm7     C          Gm7    C       Gm7    C 
Tryin' to tell..      Found you ..    And you just don't.. 
Think I would curse.. Or say things.. Cause you just don't.. 

    C        F       Am7     Bb     C 
Love me no more (To 2nd verse) 

   Dm7           Am7           Bb          F 
Did you think I could hate..   Or raise my hand.... 

   Gm7            C           F 
Now come on ya know me too well 

Dm7          Am7              Bb            F 
How could I hurt you         When darlin' I love you 

Gm7               Bb                       C 
And you know.....That I'd never hurt you.. Ohhhhh.. 

F                  Am7            Eb             D 
What do you think I would give.. If you'd stay..Years.. 

Gm7   C              Gm7     C 
I'd fall down....    Kiss the ground... 
If I could just hold.. Again (F) 

Instrumental-   F  Am7  Eb  D  (repeat 2lines above slower) 
Tag-   F  Am  Bb  C  F 
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