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To The End Of Forever Ukulele tab

Billy Bob Thornton

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To The End Of Forever

  		INTRO: Dm  F  C   Dm  F  C 
    Dm                         F               C 
The sunlight of forever shines down on you and me 
Dm                          C               F 
When we are together is the only time we're free 
       Dm                                     F         C 
That's when the world stands still, we're the only ones alive 
        Bb              Am                          Dm 
There's no space in between us if you look into our eyes 
We don't have to touch we just breathe each other's breath 
We only have two choices, paradise or death 
The blood has all been given and it's written on the wall 
How crazy we've been driven is a mystery to them all 
BREAK: Dm  F  C   
       Dm  C  F 
       Dm  F  C 
       Bb  Am Dm 
We always played like children and we made love just like gods 
We fought this world together and we lived to spite the odds 
I'd tear through the sky to find you and I know that you'd find me 
We made a sacred promise to find out what we can't see 
We stood out on the edge and we pulled each other back 
And then we disappeared in the middle of the act 
We built a sanctuary had communion without wine 
We drank enough to last us to the end of time  

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