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Beautiful Door Ukulele tab

Billy Bob Thornton

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Beautiful Door

  		INTRO: C  G  Am Am/G F   C  G  Am Am/G F 

          C                G 
Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm blind 
               Am        Am/G       F 
'Cause I can't understand the kinda mind 
               C             G 
That kills for God, or money or the land 
              Am  Am/G         F 
It just seems odd to take that kinda stand 

Some on the East side, some on the West 
Who think that somehow their way is best 
But there are some there in the middle 
Whose lives have come to mean so little 

Em                     Am 
You can preach all you want to 
    Em               F 
And make up for ever more 
  C/B      Am              F 
I know you wanna walk into another world 
            C      G         C 
But I don't see no beautiful door 

BREAK: Am  F  C  G  C 

I can't help myself, I like this place 
And leaving's not a thing I wanna face 
But those who want to go, knock yourselves out 
Just don't take those who don't care about 

Your power dreams and your golden gates 
'Cause I hear their screams as you deal their fates 
You'll never kill this world, but I am afraid 
That you'll take away those you say God made 


  C/B      Am              F 
I know you wanna walk into another world 
            C      G         C 
But I don't see no beautiful door 

    C/B     Am                 F 
You say you wanna talk about a better world 
           C           G         C 
But you've closed that beautiful door
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