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Faithful To The End

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Faithful To The End

Capo on 4th fret

Weíre heaven-spun creations 
His pride and adoration 
Em                      C 
Treasures woven by His love 

His careful hands, they hold us 
Safe within His promise 
Of calling and of destiny 

G               C 
I will sing of all Youíve done 
Em             C 
Iíll remember how far Youíve carried me 
G                C 
From beginning until the end 
Em                    C 
You are faithful, faithful to the end 

A Fatherís heart thatís for me 
A never-ending story 
Of love thatís always chasing me 

His kindness overwhelming 
And hope for me unending 
Heís never given up on me 

G               C                          Em 
There wasnít a day that You werenít by my side 
                C                    G 
There wasnít a day that You let me fall 
           C                        Em 
All of my life, Your love has been true 
           C                    G 
All of my life, I will worship You 
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