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Every Crown

Bethel Music

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Every Crown

	  		       Dm                             Bb 
I have watched how You drove back the sea 
              F             C 
That swallowed up my every fear 
       Dm                           Bb 
I have walked from the shore to the deep 
          F              C 
Through it all You were there 

Bb                C 
Mighty Redeemer, strong to deliver 
Dm            C     Bb 
You are the Great I Am 

We crown You with every crown For the way You saved us 
Crown You with every crown For the way You love us 
High King of Heaven  
Bb                        F 
We crown You the Lord of all 

       Dm                              Bb 
I have watched how You led through the wild 
           F/A             C 
A cloud by day and fire by night 
        Dm                  Bb 
Guiding me to Your promised land 
      F/A         C 
Every step by my side 

    F/A           Bb 
All hail redeemer hail 
    F/A               C 
For You have died for me 
     F/A         Bb    C     Dm 
Your praise will never never fail 
        Bb  C     F 
Through all eternity 
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