Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Capo on 6th fret
	  		th Fret 

C	          B	    Em 
If you crash your car into, 

     Dm			  C 
Your best friends house, 

Would you be quiet as, 

Em         Dm 
Words come out of their mouth 

C         B 
Stop..... dont do it 

Em          Dm 
I have been waiting for it, 

C         B               Em                      D 
Stop..... I

C             B                    Em 
If you find a god next to, 

Your girlfriends bed, 

C           B 
Would it be hard to, 

Em                    Dm 
Sort out your spinning head 


C        B                               Em 
Stop.... dont say that dear, 

That you wanted him here, 

C        B                           Em 
Stop.... dont give him a clear 

Am     C                       Em                     Dm 
Take a picture of them, 

Am     C                       Em                     Dm 
Take a picture of them 

C           B                         Em 
If you are afraid dont be, 

           Dm                                C 
I have the whole thing planned, 

                   B                     Em 
We’ll start in the ocean baby, 

            Dm                     C 
And when we find the land, 

           B                   Em 
We will be thankful to, 

All of our friends, 

C                B              Em 
That they didnt leave us, 

As we got to the end 

Am C Em Dm Take a picture of them, Am C Em Dm Take a picture of them Am C Em Dm Take a picture of them, Am C Em Dm Take a picture of them
C B Em If you find your faith in, Dm C Your parents god, B Em DoNt be so quick to, Dm C Point out the flaws in it B Em Youve been around and youve seen, Dm C The way that things work, B Em But you need a compass to, Dm C Get around your house.
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