Bee Gees

Be who are you

Bee Gees

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Be who are you

	  		F Gm 
    Gm  F      Gm  
    Be who you are  
    Eb    F       Gm 
    Don't ever change  
    Eb            D        Gm 
    The world was made to measure  
    Cm       Gm     Cm 
    for your smile so smile.  
    Gm     F     Gm 
    Those crazy dreams  
    Eb   F        Gm 
    we threw, we threw away  
    Eb       D     Gm 
    I never been alone with you  
     Cm      Gm 
    I never could  
    They say  
    Bb              F 
    That love will find a way  
    And love will never be set free  
    And I won't ever let you be  
    You could not understand  
    You never will  
    Gm F       Gm 
    Be who you are  
    Eb  F      Gm  
    I bless I bless your name  
    Eb          D        Gm 
    And all that summer madness  
    Cm         Gm          Cm  
    caused the rain, and we.. we  
    Gm   Cm   Gm   F 
    Ah   Ah   Ah  
        Bb             F 
    The glory that we made  
    My love will grace the halls of time  
    A love that never can be mine  
    You could not love me then  
    I love you still  
    Gm  F       Gm 
    Be who you are  
    Eb      F       Gm 
    Seize life and find a way  
    Eb       D          Gm 
    And I will be that shadow 
    Cm     Gm      Cm 
    loving who you are  
    Gm          Cm 
    Be who you are  
    We were 

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