Bee Gees

And the sun will shines

Bee Gees

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And the sun will shines

	  		D7           G   D/F#  Em 
    And the rain will fall,  
        C     D   G 
    it falls for you.  
    And the clouds will  
    Bm              Em 
    break into tears,  
    Bm           Em 
    you should be here  
    Bm          Em      Am7 
    standing so near to me.  
D7        Gm 
    'Cept I know you  
    should be sad.  
        Eb             Ab 
    But give me time alone  
              Eb        D7 
    to get it out of my mind.  
    Though I say  
       F                  Bb 
    I know it's only the weather.  
           Eb             Ab 
    'Cause every time it rains  
    you are gone.  
    And I'm blue.  
    Then I wake up,  
    then I wake up.  
             G  D/F#  Em 
    And the sun will shine  
        C    D   G 
    if just for you.  
                       Bm               Em 
    And the trees will talk to the skies  
    Bm         Em 
    whispering lies,  
    Bm           Em    Am7 
    heaven will fly to me, yeah.  
D7   Gm 
    Trains walk back  
             F          Bb 
    and the birds disappear.  
        Eb             Ab 
    But why am I still here  
            Eb        D7 
    without you by my side?  
    So I cry your name  
    and know,  
          Eb            Ab         Eb   D7 
    cause love to me is life and I live you.  
    Then I wake up,  
    then I grow up.  
             G   D/F#  Em 
    And the rain will fall.  
        C     D   G 
    It falls for you.  
    And the clouds will break.  
    Bm             Em 
    You should be here... 

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