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Change Of Ideas

Year: 1989 - Album: No Control

  		        D            A        E
Well the sheaves have all been brought,
        D           E      F#
But the fields have washed away,
        D   A       E
And the palaces now stand 
          D       E        F#
Where the coffins all were laid,
        D        A   E
And the times we see ahead
        D          E    F#
We must glaze with rosy hues
       D          A    E
For we don't wish to admit 
        D     E       F#
What it is we have to lose

F#  A  E

   F#                A  E
Millennia in coming,
    F#                  A  E
The modern age is here,
   F#                    A  E
It sanctifies the future 
    F#                    A  E
Yet renders us with fear,

F#      A         E       F#
So many theories, so many prophecies,
D          A         E          F#
What we do need is a change of ideas,
F#          A             E           F#
When we are scared we can hide in our reveries,
D           A         E          F#
But what we need is a change of ideas,
F#        A      E          F#
Change of ideas, change of ideas,
D            A        E          F#
What we need now is a change of ideas
D  A  E  F#
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