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The Seven Angels Ukulele tab


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by andrsouza

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The Seven Angels

  		G            D                Em 
You've been fighting for your soul 
         Bm               C 
And sometimes it takes a toll 
          G                Am 
Hope one day you'll understand 
         D                G 
What it means to hold in hands 
           D          Em 
What they call a fantasy 
       Bm            C 
It is nothing but a key 
        G                    Am 
To the world that now you're in 
           D              G 
That they call a wicked dream 

Elderane: (this G is at the same bar) 

(G)          D              Em 
When you're walking on your own 
             Bm          C 
When you're broken and alone 
         G             Am 
You may feel us from inside - 
       D              G 
on the other side of life. 

(same bar again): 

(G)  D  Em  Bm  C  G  Am  D 
Ohohohoh     (...)    ohohoh 

(keep repeating this Ohohoh until the end) 


I've been fighting for my soul 
And sometimes it takes a toll 
Hope one day we'll understand 
What it means to hold in hands 
What we call a fantasy 
But it's nothing but a key 
To the world that now I'm in 
That we call a wicked dream 

(Keep repeating this too, and uppon the other voices:) 

G    D            Em    Bm 
Oh, walking on my own 
C          G          Am        D 
When I'm broken and aloo...oo...one 
G      D              Em     Bm 
I may feel you from inside 
C        G             Am       D  
From the other side of li...i...ife 

(now just the "Ohohoh" and fade out) 
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