Ashton Shepherd

The Pickin Shed

Ashton Shepherd

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The Pickin Shed

Capo on 2nd fret

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Intro: C e|------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------1--| G|-----0--0h2--------0---0h2--------0---0h2-------| D|-0h2--2-----2----2---2-----2----2---2-----2--2--| A|---------------------------------------------3--| E|------------------------------------------------|
C G Hey, hey, now, don't you wanna come down Am F Bring your guitar, here we play music with our own sound C G A lot of fine friendship and music's been born and bred F G C Right here in our backyard at the Pickin' Shed F C G I remember the first time I walked through the door F C G I felt at home though i'd never been in there before F C G The band was playin' and I sang a few songs F C G I've gotta admit, i've been hooked from then on
(Refrão) F C G It's a place we built for the music that we play F C G Or you can shoot pool or can throw darts any day F C G It's like our own private bar that's open every night F C G There ain't no closin' time and no rules to go by (Refrão) G F And there's never any pressure you can just relax G F (STOP) And if you ever hang out here, I bet you're gonna come back (Refrão) F (STOP) C Right here in our backyard at the Pickin' Shed
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