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Love Love Love Ukulele tab

As Tall As Lions

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by abelamin

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Love Love Love


Listen to the song for rhythm (the opening bass line should give you a good feel for it) 

G#m  G#mmaj7 
E  C#m  E  C#m 

Have I ever told you before 
G#mmaj7                                      E 
I think you're beautiful when you're sleeping? 
C#m                       E              C#m 
(I have faith you watch me in my slumber, too.) 
   G#m                               G#mmaj7 
If I'm all that you're looking for, tell me, 
                        E         C#m 
why is there a river streaming (down your face) 
E                    C#m 
Sometimes makes me wonder all about your 

E Love. (love, love, love, love) G#m C#m E After some time it's something I find true. (love, love, love) G#m C#m E Love's not a grave, it won't decay on you. (love, love, love) G#m C#m E G#m C#m Too many days I was afraid of love. (love, love, love)
E C#m E C#m G#m What if nothing is just that and G#mmaj7 suffering's the only thing we're good at's E C#m dreaming. (picture that E C#m a whole world in a slumber.) G#m G#mmaj7 But don't get too attached to the living, E even every single memory's fleeting. C#m E C#m (That's a fact, being torn asunder.) Bridge: G#m G#mmaj7 But to my suprise, G#m7 G#m/F no reason why, one day I woke E C#m up and realized. Chorus Outro: E B F# Give it to me! (Love, love, love, love). E Give it to me! (Love...) B I'll keep you in my focus F# E with love and affection I. B I'll keep you in my focus F# E with love and affection I. ^(Repeat "I'll keep you" bit a few more times until end)
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