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As Tall As Lions

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by abelamin

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Capo on 4th fret
  		Capotraste 4 casa 

Verso 1: 
I've been so in love 
Em                  C 
I stutter as my life unfolds Don't ask you won't be told 
G                                     G/F# 

(Band Enters)  
You broke the promise 
I'm lying on the floor tonight To dream of all 
those empty memories 
of singing on that carousel we'd ride together 

Hey Mother hey hey mother why do you cry? Tell me what the birds have said about my father Hey father hey hey father what do you know? Lovers on the carousel won't ride forever
Verso 2: I walk to the ocean I'm looking through kaleidoscopes to see the colors Don't saw, you saw the writing on the walls If you believe simple words will make a difference Ponte: C Em G/F# C Sick sick my heart C Sick sick my heart Emin I want to die so that I can stop this crying G/F# C Then back into the Chorus, end on Emin
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