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Kissin By The Mistletoe Ukulele tab

Aretha Franklin

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Kissin By The Mistletoe

D          G         D 
There's a very good reason 
E         C      D 
Why the holiday season  
Is a wonderful time 
       G       D       G       D 
For a boy and girl to fall in love 

  D      G         D 
'Cause Santa and Cupid 
 E         C          D 
Planned exactly what you did 
      F#                    G        Am7 
When you kissed me by the mistletoe above 

D    E     F# 
We stood there  
G                D 
Kissin' by the mistletoe 
C       D 
Tingle, tingle 
F#       G 
Mmm and away we go 
Am       D 
Jingle, jingle 
G               D 
Kissin' by the mistletoe 
Am            C 
Love came to stay 
     G         D              G 
And now it's Christmas every day 

Chords repeat: 

There is a heavenly treasure 
More than money can measure 
In the gift you get when you give your love 
And I can tell 

'Cause whenever it's Christmas 
If I never get this much 
He ran my heart I remember very well 

We stood there kissin' by the mistletoe 
Tingle, tingle 
Mmm and away we go, jingle, jingle 
Oh, kissin' by the mistletoe, love came to stay 
And now it's Christmas every day 

I said and now it's Christmas every day 
Oh yeah 
And now it's Christmas every day 
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