Alicia Keys

You Dont Know My Name

Alicia Keys

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You Dont Know My Name

Year: 2003 - Album: Alicia Keys Hits Collection

  Baby, baby, baby from the day I saw you I really, really wanted to 
           C#m  Bm 
catch your eye    there's something special 'bout you I must really 
                                                C#m  Bm 
like you 'Cause not a lot of guys are worth my time    uh baby, baby, 
baby It's getting kinda crazy 'Cause you are taking over my   mind 
                  A                              Bm 
and it feels like uh uh uh uh you don't know my name 
    C#m               A                              Bm 
I swear It feels like uh uh uh uh you don't know my name 
(round and round and round we go) Will you ever know? 
  Oh, baby, baby, baby I see us on our first date you doing everything 
                C#m  Bm 
that makes me smile    and when we had our first kiss It happened on a 
                                C#m  Bm 
Thursday Oh, it set my soul on fire    uh baby, baby, baby I can't wait 
for the first time, my imagination's running wild       Coro 
     A                                                         Bm 
I'm doing nothing I've never done for anyone's attention take notice of 
what's in front of you cause did I mention? you about to miss a good thing 
 and you'll never know how good it feels to have all of my affection and youŽll 
 Bm                                  E 
never get a chance to experience my loving 'Cause my loving feels like     

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