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Teenager Love Affair Ukulele tab

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by Leiluska

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Teenager Love Affair

  		E6                     Bm7 
Can't wait to get home 
Baby dial your number 
Can you pick up the phone 
Cause I wanna holla 
                          Bm7                             E6 
Daydreamin' about you all day in school can't concentrate 

Wanna have your voice in my ear til mama come and say its too late 

            D              Dbm7 
Cause the lights are on outside 
            D              Dbm7 
Wish there was somewhere to hide 
 Bm7                    E11 
Cause I just don't want to say goodbye 

Cause you are my baby baby 

Dbm7              Bm7 
   Nothing really matters 
                    Dbm7             Bm7 
I don't really care     what nobody tell me 
I'm gonna be here 
It's a matter of extreme importance 
          D      Dbm7        Bm7 E11 
my first teenage love affair 

E6                       Bm7 
  Another secret meeting 
on the 5th floor staircase 
I'm gonna give you this letter 
of all the things I can't say 
                          Bm7                          E6 
want u to be my first my last my ending and beginning 
I write your name in my book your last name my first I'm your mrs 


  E6         Bm7 
     hey boy 
you know I really like being with you 
just hanging out is fine 
so maybe we can go to (first base) 

because I feel you 
(second base) 

want you to feel me too boy 
(third base) 
betta pump the brakes and baby slow down 

I gotta go home now 
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