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A Whole New World

  		D     D/G           D 
I can show you the world 
D         D/G        Bm   A/C# 
Shining, shimmering, splendid 
Em       F#7           Bm 
Tell me, princess, now when did 
Bm/A     G                 D 
You last let your heart decide? 

D     D/G         D 
I can open your eyes 
D        D/G       Bm  A/C# 
Take you wonder by wonder 
Em     F#7          Bm 
Over, sideways and under 
Bm/A   G           D 
On a magic carpet ride 

G             A    D 
A whole new world 
        A/C#    A/B       D 
A new fantastic point of view 
D7         G      D/F# 
No one to tell us no 
     G      D/F# 
Or where to go 
   Bm7       E7    A7 
Or say we're only dreaming 

G             A    D 
A whole new world 
           A       G     Bm 
A dazzling place I never knew 
(D7)          G      D/F# 
But when I'm way up here 
      G       D/F# 
It's crystal clear 
     Bm7     E7   C          A7         D 
That now I'm in a whole new world with you 
D      (D4)  D        ( D5(9) ) 
Now I'm in a whole new world with you 

F    F/Bb     F 
Unbelievable sights 
F     F/Bb   Dm  C/E 
Indescribable feeling 
Gm        A7              Dm 
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling 
Dm/C        Bb              F 
Through an endless diamond sky 

Bb            C 
A whole new world 
(Don't you dare close your eyes) 
          C/E                F 
A hundred thousand things to see 
(Hold your breath - it gets better) 
(F7/Eb)    Bb       F/A 
I'm like a shooting star 
      Bb     F/A 
I've come so far 
  Dm7      G7      C7 
I can't go back to where I used to be 

            C          F 
A whole new world 
       (Every turn a surprise) 
            C         Dm 
With new horizons to pursue 
(Every moment red-letter) 
(F7)            Bb   F/A 
I'll chase them anywhere 
         Bb       F/A 
There's time to spare 
Dm7      G7        Eb         C7         F 
Let me share this whole new world with you 

    Bb        C 
A whole new world 
(A whole new world) 
         Bb        C 
That's where we'll be 
(That's where we'll be) 
     Bb        C 
A thrilling chase 
   Bb           C 
A wonderous place 
    (C7)     F 
For you and me 
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