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Here and There Ukulele tab

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by peter

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Here and There

  		4/4   128 bpm 
(D) Here ... here is where I was born 
My father's son ... in the (A) heart of the country 
(D) Here ... I got my family tree 
Deep down in me ... still (A) growin' strong (A7) 
But (G) there ... there are those city lights 
Shinin' bright ... (D) callin' me 
And (G) there ... is where I gotta go 
Or I'll never know ... who (A) I can be (A7) 
Some (D) time between (G) now and (A) then (A7) 
I'll (D) find ... my (G) way back (A) home (A7) 
But (G) until you see me (D) walkin' ... down that (D7) long and dusty (G) road 
I'll be some (D) where ... between (A) here and (D) there 
(D) Here ... I got a world I know 
It may be slow ... (A but it's true 
(D) Here ... I got my Ann-Marie 
She needs me ... and I (A) need her too (A7) 
and (G) there ... there are those city lights 
Shinin' bright ... (D) callin' me 
And (G) though ... it's more than I can bear 
I've gotta go ... 'cause my A dreams are there (A7) 
Chorus - repeat last line 
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