Troy Cassar Daley

Ladies In My Life

Troy Cassar Daley

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Ladies In My Life

	  		If you don't pick, play G instead of D/G 
Intro (strum down on first Ds): 
  D        D/F# D/G       Asus    A Dsus2 D 
  D       D/F# D/G        Asus A   Dsus2 D 
 D         D/F#         D/G 
Five years old and i'm off to school, 
 Asus         A         Dsus2 D 
With Grandma right behind. 
 D            D/F#           D/G 
I near the gate with my little bag, 
 Asus      A         Dsus2 D 
and then i start to cry. 
           G                         D/F#                      
she said "i can't teach you what they learn in school, 
 Em     A        Dsus2 D 
so go ahead and learn, 
   G                        D/F# 
I'll see you at home, when the bell rings son" 
           Em        A         Dsus2 D 
you know, i still dream about her. 
My mother worked on the railroads, 
she did for 16 years. 
that dining car was a testing ground 
for plans and dreams and tears. 
She said "i carried you in my body, 
and i carried you in my arms. 
and you rest assured for the rest of you life, 
I'll carry you in my heart 
      F#m          G 
These ladies in my life. 
 F#m              G 
Have taught me so much 
 D                    A 
Bout how to stand up proud and tall 
           G                 Asus A 
and how to have a sensitive touch. 
F#m           G 
From here on after,  
 F#m                   G 
Through happiness and strife 
 D         D/F#     D/G 
I'll have so much owing to  
    Asus     A     D 
the Ladies in my life. 
I'm walking through my front door 
and oh what do i see? 
is a beautiful wife with a baby girl 
Sitting on her knee. 
Those little blue eyes light up like stars 
when i walk into the room, 
We'll tuck you in bed, my little Girl, 
so you can dream about the moon. 
D     - xx0232 
D/F#  - 2x0232 
D/G   - 3x023x 
Asus  - x02230 
A     - x02220 
Dsus2 - xx0230 
G     - 320033 
Em    - 022000 
F#m   - 244222 


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