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Handle with care Tab

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by Bebez%E3o+2

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Handle with care

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Esses são os baixos usados na introdução. E------------------3-----5------------------------ A-------3--3--2------------------2---------------- D?0--0-------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------
Intro: D C G/B G D C G/B G Been beat up and battered 'round D C G/B G Been sent up, and I've been shot down C D G You're the best thing that I've ever found C D G Handle me with care D C G/B G Reputations changeable D C G/B G Situations tolerable C D G Baby, you're adorable C D Handle me with care
G B7 C D I'm so tired of being lonely G B7 C D I still have some love to give G B7 C D G Won't you show me that you really care (Bridge) C G Everybody's got somebody to lean on C D Put your body next to mine, and dream on
D C G/B G I've been fobbed off, and I've been fooled D C G/B G I've been robbed and ridiculed C D G In day care centers and night schools C D G Handle me with care D C G/B G Been stuck in airports, terrorized D C G/B G Sent to meetings, hypnotized C D G Overexposed, commercialized C D Handle me with care (Chorus) (Bridge) D C G/B G I've been uptight and made a mess D C G/B G But I'll clean it up myself, I guess C D G Oh, the sweet smell of success C D G Handle me with care

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