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Tears Of My Own Shame Tab


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Tears Of My Own Shame

	  Intro Riff  

Intro:   Em    D     Csus9  x3
         Bm7   A5

Em                  Bm7
Queen of hearts and sister vanity
Am7                           Em
Took me by my hand to show me royalty
Em                Bm7
In this castle so many things to see
Am7                             Em
And all I could become a knight wasted away

I said 
Am7  Em              Bm7          Csus9
Ahh, ohh... It's not anything you did to me
Am7  Em          Bm7
Ohh, ohh... It's not what you made me feel I did to you
Am7  Em            Bm7          Csus9
Ohh, ohh... I cry, angry that I played the fool
    Am7           Bm7
For these are the tears of my own shame

Em                       Bm7
Even just a page I never thought to read
Am7                           Em
And the writing on the wall became a tapestry
Em                              Bm7
The blues I felt, the reds they blinded me
Am7                               Em
And all the greens anly taught me jealousy

I said...

Am7                 Em
And I am not what I care to be
D                     Em
And she is not what I came to see
Csus9                       Em
And like some Shakespearian tragedy
G                          D
That in this end I have to question... finally



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