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Love Is Stronger Than Death

The The



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Love Is Stronger Than Death


3rd   Gm (1x)  F (strum)  Cm (1x)   Eb (strum)  Gm     F   Cm   Eb 
G |---0------0h0--------------------0-----------------------------  
D |---0------0h3---------0h5-----0--1------------0---------------- 
F |---2------0h4---------0h7-----0--2------------2---------------- 
C |---2------0h5---------0h7-----0--3--------0-2-2---------------- 
G |---0------------------0h5-----0--3------------0---------------- 

Last verse before preChorus 
      Gm       F      C     Eb 
G |---0------0h0------0-----0- 
D |---0------0h3------2-----1- 
F |---2------0h4------2-----2- 
C |---2------0h5------4-----3- 
G |---0---------------------3- 

PreChorus (Here comes the blue skies, Here comes the springtime...) 

      Bb     Eb      Bb     Eb      C (hit once  (strum x3) Eb 
G |---3------0-------3------0-------0‚??and pause)--0----------0- 
D |---0------1-------0------1-------2-------------0----------1- 
F |---0------2-------0------2-------2-------------0----------2- 
C |---2------3-------2------3-------0-------------0----------3- 
G |---3------3-------3------3---------------------0----------3- 

For the Chorus (Love, love, love, is stronger than death), play the verse chords again but with more force 

Also, there‚??s an interlude between 1:50 and 2:05,  
this is just Gm  Eb / Gm  Eb  
Then shoot back into the verse. 

Harmonica solo transcribed for guitar: 

G |------------------------------------------------------------- 
D |--8--7-8-7---7----5---7-------8--7-8-7---7----5---7---------- 
F |------------------------------------------------------------- 
C |------------------------------------------------------------- 
G -------------------------------------------------------------- 

G |------------------------------------------------------------- 
D |-12--10--12-10--10---7-8--10----12--10--12-10--10---7-8---10- 
F |------------------------------------------------------------- 
C |------------------------------------------------------------- 
G -------------------------------------------------------------- 

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