Terri Clark

Good Mother

Terri Clark


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Good Mother

	  		Terri Clark: Good Mother
Good Mother (written by Jann Arden) Performed by Terri Clark ("Fearless" Mercury Records 2000) Tabbed by Dale Krysinski (1/2003) Intro and verse: C G Am FaddG -------0---------|--------------|---------0----|------3-- ----------1------|------1--0----|------1-------|--------- -----0---------0-|----0-------0-|----2-------0-|----2---- ---2--------0h2--|--0-----------|--2-----------|--3------ -3---------------|--------------|0-------------|--------- -----------------|3-------------|--------------|1-------- Play this over and over. During the verse, Terri adds a note or two (F C) at the end of the FaddG measure to transition back into the C. At the end of a verse, Terri adds another measure of FaddG Transition into bridge (starts right after normal Am): F G ----------------| ------1-------0-| ----2-------0---| --3-------0-----| ----------------| 1-------3-------| Bridge (not exactly right but it's how I play it): A E Fm D --------0---|0------------|2-----------|2------2-------| --------2---|0------0-----|2------2----|3--------3-----| ------2-2---|1----1----1--|2----2----2-|2----2-----2---| ----2-------|---2---------|---4--------|---0---------0-| -0--------0-|-------------|------------|---------------| ------------|0------------|2-----------|---------------| A E Fm D G --------0---|0------------|2----------|2-----3----| --------2---|0------0-----|2-----2----|3-----0----| ------2-2---|1----1----1--|2---2----2-|2-----0----| back ----2-------|---2---------|--4--------|---0-------| to -0--------0-|-------------|-----------|-----------| verse ------------|0------------|2----------|---------3-| Outro: F (ritard) C(sweep) ------------------|------| ---------1-0---0--|---1--| ---0-2-0-2-0-2----|--0---| -3----------------|-2----| -0----------------|3-----| ------------------|------| This is written to play fingerstyle. The chords are shown to help with the left hand position, or if you just want to strum along. Any comments or suggestions for improvements (especially on the bridge), please e-mail me at [email protected]

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