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Harry Potter (Theme Song) Tab

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by P%21ATD

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Harry Potter (Theme Song)

e ---0-3-2----0-7-5-2----0-3-2----1----|  
B -0----------------------------3---0--|  
G -------------------------------------|  
D -------------------------------------|  
A -------------------------------------|  
E -------------------------------------|  

e ---0-3-2-0-7-10----9-8--5-8---7-6---3-0-|  
B -0--------------------------------0-----|  
G ----------------------------------------|  
D ----------------------------------------|  
A ----------------------------------------|  
E ----------------------------------------|  

e -3-7--3-7---10---9-7-8-----3-0-|  
B ------------------------0------|  
G -------------------------------|  
D -------------------------------|  
A -------------------------------|  
E -------------------------------|  


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