Ted Lennon

So In Love

Ted Lennon



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So In Love


I'm not sure if this is 100% correct because it was done by ear but I hope you 
enjoy!This is basically the whole song but the Chorus might be different. I played  
it through as shown above while listening to the song and it sounded fine. If there 
is anything wrong feel free to e-mail me and express your anger for the mistake.  

C Chord                                                                *Repeat 

I know a girl 
Who doesn't want wrinkles  
Wonder for how long I’ll be single 
Moving around no place to dwell 
A wrinkle in time is the story she tells me to read 
I could've told you so much simpler 
Instead I spare a girl some change 
But now time has taken us over 
But I wont be a victim of time 

And I just wanna be in love 
I want us to be in love 
I just wanna be in love 
Don’t you wanna be in love 

Some people wait til they get married 
What if I never get married 
Could I live my whole life without knowing 
That doesn't sound like my life story 

And I just wanna be in love 
I want us to be in love 
I just wanna be in love 
Don’t you wanna be in love 
So in love, so in love, so in love. Uh-huh uh-huh  
So in love uh-huh. Woa  
Lord knows I've waited for something better  
and I've only got myself to change 
wrinkles and time can make you feel lower 
fall in love forget your age 

And I just wanna be in love 
I want us to be in love 
I just wanna be in love 
Don’t you wanna be in love 
so in love, so in love, so in love 


| /   slide up 
| \   slide down 
| h   hammer-on 
| p   pull-off 
| ~   vibrato 
| +   harmonic 
| x   Mute note 
| b   Bend 
| pb  Pre-bend 
| br  Bend release 
| pbr Pre-bend release 
| brb Bend release bend 


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