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Romeo And Juliet - Love Theme Tab


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by marcnagel

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Romeo And Juliet - Love Theme

	  The original song is called "Kissing you" and was performed by Des'ree 
& Tim Atack. 
In Baz Luhrman's version of "Romeo & Juliet" this song was re-arranged 
as instrumental version only (piano). 

This piece of music is played really, really slow!!! 
In basic, this part is repeated over and over again (with few variations) 
throughout the song. 

The rhythm is a very slow walz, so I attached the counting-pattern as well. 
I hope that this helps finding the right timing for this song more easily.  

"~" let the chord ring 

count:     1-5  6  1-5  6  1-3  4-6  1-3  4-> 
e |-----0--1~---3----------0----------------| 
B |--3-----3~------1~---3--1----3----1------| 
G |--------2~------0~---0--0----0----2------| 
D |--------0~------2~------2---------2------| 
A |----------------0~---2--3----2----0------| 
E |---------------------------------------3-| 

  -> 5  6   
e |-----0--1~---3----------0------------| 
B |--3-----3~------1~---3--1----3----1--| 
G |--------2~------0~---0--0----0----2--| 
D |--------0~------2~------2---------2--| 
A |----------------0~---2--3----2----0--| 
E |-------------------------------------| 

e |--8---7--3--1~---------0--------------| 
B |--10--8--3--3~--1~--3--1--3--------1--| 
G |------------2~--0~--0--0--0------0----| 
D |------------0~--2~-----2-------2------| 
A |----------------0~--2--3--2--3--------| 
E |--------------------------------------| 

Hope, that you enjoy it! 


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