Sneaker pimps

6 underground

Sneaker pimps



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6 underground

	  		6 underground - Sneaker pimps 
Becoming X 


main riff 
A|------------------|---| x6 

Verse 1: 

    F#          A 
   Take me down, 6 underground 
         F#                 A 
   The ground beneath your feet 
    F#          A 
   Laid out low, nothing to go 
       F#            A 
   Nowhere a way to meet.  


F#                            A 
   I've got a head full of drought, 
         F#                      A 
   down here, so far off losing out,  
          F#              A 
   round here, overground, 
                F#          A 
   watch this space I'm open to falling from grace. 

play main riff x4 

Verse 2: 

   Calm me down, bring it round 
   Too way high off your street 
   I can see like nothing else 
   In me you're better than I wanna be. 

Chorus 2: 

   Don't think 'cos I understand,   
   I care, don't think 'cos I'm talking 
   we're friends, overground, 
   watch this space I'm open to falling from grace. 

Interlude (just effects) 

play 2nd Chorus again 

Verse 3: 

   Talk me down, safe and sound, 
   too strung up to sleep 
   Wear me out, scream and shout 
   Swear my time's never cheap 

Chorus 3: 

   I fake my life like I've lived, 
   too much, I take whatever you're given, 
   not enough, overground, 
   watch this space, I'm open to falling from grace. 


Play main riff (Intro) four times 


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