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Year: 2002 - Album: By The Way

Key:  C More
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  		Introdução / Versos:
    C      G      Am
Refrão: || C | C/B | Am | G? | F | Em | Dm | G ||

Pós-refrão: || Am | % | % | % ||


C        G
  This is my time 
           Am     C
This is my tear 
I can see clearly now 
That this is not a place 
For playing solitaire 
         G        Am       C
Tell me where you want me 
This is my time 
This is my tear 

Comin' on strong 
Seems to me like 
All the world gets high 
When you take a dare 
Let it rise before you 
This is my time 
C C/B All in all I'm Am G Loving every rise and fall F Em The sun will make and I will take Dm G Breath to be sure of this C C/B In the end Am G All will be forgiven when F Em Surrender rises high and I Dm G Gave what I came to give Am Am Say it now because you never know
Devil may cry devil may care Distiller's got a scream And now I know just why When she's movin' air Can you feel the voltage This is my time === SOLO 1 === California skies Got room to spare This is my time Refrão === SOLO 2 === Take it outside Take it out there Seems to me like All the world gets high When you take a dare In the final moment This is my time Refrão Fim: Am ====================================================================== Solo 1 (2:15 - 2:30) e|-------------------------------------| |-----------------| B|-------------------------------------| |-----------------| G|-9-10-12-10-9------------------------| 4x |-----9-----------| D|-------------10--9-10-12--10-9---9---| |--10---11--10----| A|---------------10-------------10--12-| |--------------12-| E|-------------------------------------| |-----------------| e|-----------------------------------------| |-----------------| B|-----------------------------------------| |-----------------| G|-9-10-12-10-9-------------10-------------| 3x |----9------------| D|-------------10---9-10-12----12---9---10-| |-10---11--10-----| A|---------------10---------------10--12---| |--------------12-| E|-----------------------------------------| |-----------------| EM SEGUIA-> Am C ====================================================================== Solo 2 (3:16 - 3:59) e|12----|10----|12----|10---12-13|12----|10--17--|12----|10----|12--15--| B|------|------|------|----------|------|--------|------|------|--------| G|------|------|------|----------|------|--------|------|------|--------| D|------|------|------|----------|------|--------|------|------|--------| A|------|------|------|----------|------|--------|------|------|--------| E|------|------|------|----------|------|--------|------|------|--------| Na verdade, o guitarrista parece tocar as notas acima (ou acordes com sonoridades muito parecidas) diversas vezes, muito rapidamente. e|-12-15-17-15-12---12-15-17-15-12---12-15-17-15-12------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------| x2 D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|

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