All apoligies (Ver.2)


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All apoligies (Ver.2)

	  		UNING: Low/High Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb 
Eb ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|- 
Bb ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|- 
Gb ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|- 
Db ----------------------|----------12-12-9-10--|----------------------|- 
Ab ---9-10-9-12-12-9-10--|---9-10-9-------------|---9-10-9-12-12-9-10--|- 
Db -0--------------------|-0--------------------|-0--------------------|- 
Eb ---------------------|- 
Bb ---------------------|- 
Gb ----------11-11-9----|- 
Db ------------------12-|- 
Ab ---9-10-9------------|- 
Db -0-------------------|- 
That's the main riff.. Then the Chorus (According to Billy): 
Eb ----------------------------------------|- 
Bb ----------------------------------------|- 
Gb ----------------------------------------|- 
Db -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--7-|- 
Ab -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--7-|- 
Db -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--7-|- 
*****Then the Chorus (According to Pete)  
Eb ----------------------------------------|- 
Bb ----------------------------------------|- 
Gb --------------------------------------2-|- 
Db -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--2-|- 
Ab -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--0-|- 
Db -5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0--0-|- 
   In the sun ...                        Married, burried .... 


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