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Lovelibertydisco Bass Tab


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by vasodebarro

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Lovelibertydisco Bass

  		Intro-4x		       Verse-8x/4x 
D:-----------------------      D:---------------  ----- 
A:--4---2---2-4----------      A:---------------  --0-- 
E:----4---4-----0-0-2-2--      E:--4--4-4-0--2--  ----- 

Chorus-2x		 		   2x after 1st Chorus 
D:--2--2-1-------------------------------  ------------ 
A:---------2-0----0-2--------2-0----0-2--  ------------ 
E:--------------4-----0--0-2------4------  --4--4-4-0-- 

Bridge-2x				  1st end  2nd end 
G:-----1-----------1-----------1--------  -------  ---------- 
D:-------4-2-4-------4-2-4-------4-2-4--  -------  ---------- 
A:--4-----------2-----------0-----------  ----3--  ----2--0-- 
E:--------------------------------------  -4-----  -4-------- 

Segue to Chorus		 Optional Bridge Fingering 
A:----0-2--  	   	 D:-----6-4---4-----6-4---4-----6-4---4-- 
E:--4------	  	 A:--4------7-----------7-----------7---- 

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus (repeat/fade) 

***last Chorus, no bass 1st time thru, then segue and join Chorus 


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