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Camp Quality

Miscellaneous / Australiana


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Camp Quality

	  		Remember the ad for Camp Quality they had a few years back? 
It had this ripper little song: 
Down strke = ^ 
Up stroke  = v 
Slide up - down = / - \ 
          ^   ^  v   v  ^  v   ^   ^  v   v  ^  v 
          A Asus4  A             Asus4  A 
       1.Hey    you, there's somethin' I wanna 
2.'Coze  you   know   that    sometimes you need a little 
3.'Coz   what   you give, is what you get and  
         ^ ^ v v    ^  ^ ^ v v ^ v 
         E	    D  E 
     e|--0----------2--0-------------- || 
     B|--0----------3--0-------------- || 
     A|--2----------0--2-------------- || 
     E|--0----------0--0-------------- || 
     1. say to you 
     2.Help, to pull you through 
     3.something more besides 
Then it changes chords as follows: 
     {B}'coz when you help me, you'll find I'll help you E too. (stop on E) 
     So put a little D quality in {A}your life 
     D quality in {A}mine 
     {D}there's something that's so {A}precious and that's {E}time 
     you need the {D}time to laugh and {A}time to take 
     a {D}ride in a bal{A}loon 
     {D}Looking at the {A}world from way up {E}high___. (stop on E) 
     Camp Qualit{A}y____________. 


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