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The Weight Tab

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tcarsonmclean

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The Weight

E -----------------5-----------------------------------------| 
B -----5---5---5h7----5h7-5---5------3---3---3-------2-2-2---| 
G -----6---6---6------6---6---6------2h4-4---2-------2-4-2---| 
D -----------------------------------0---0---0-----0-------4-| 
A -----------------------------------------------------------| 
E -----------------------------------------------------------| 
(Strum Chords) 
    A                          C#m              D 
Verse           I pulled into nazareth     was feelin' bout half past dead 
E --0-0---0-0-0----------------4----------------2-------------------| 
B --2-2---2-3-2----------------5----------------3-------------------| 
G --2-2---2-2-2----------------6----------------2-------------------| 
D --2-2---2-2-2----------------6----------------0-------------------| 
A --0-0---0-0-0----------------4----------------0-------------------| 
E ------------------------------------------------------------------| 
The verse repeats those three chords until the Chorus 
    A         E        D 
       Take a load off Annie 
E --0---------0--------2-----| 
B --2---------0--------3-----| 
G --2---------1--------2-----| 
D --2---------2--------0-----| 
A --0---------2--------0-----| 
E ------------0--------------|(3x) 
On the 3rd time let the D chord ring 
Bridge(right after "put the load right on me") 
    A          D 
E --0----------2----------| 
B --2----------3----------| 
G --2----------2----------| 
D --2----------0----------| 
A --0----------0----------| 
E ------------------------| 


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