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Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Tab

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Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Year: 1969 - Album: Mothership 2CD/1DVD

repeat this a bunch of times, then do the following twice: 
Do the first lick again, except the first high G (i.e. 3rd fret 1st string) 
drops to an E (open 1st string), and the first middle D (3rd fret 2nd string) 
drops to a C (1st fret 2nd string). 
The chords in the next section (you know the rhythm): 
Then back into the first section, and into the second part, then the 
next part 4 times: 
Then the cool hard strumming part (this is really an electric and 
an acoustic part: I'll just give the chords for the acoustic part) 
Do this a few times, then there's a little thing where you just use 
the last two chords I wrote (the F and the E): I'm sure you can figure 
it out. 
Well, that's most of it.  I've left out some parts: the ending, all of the 
solos, and some variations on the main arpeggios, but that should give you 
most of it. 

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