Lady Gaga

The Fame

Lady Gaga

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The Fame

	  		(main riff) 
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
B |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
G |----------------------------------------------10---9-----------------------| 
D |-5---7----8-----5---7----8-----5---7----8-----10---10----------------------| 
A |-5---7----8-----5---7----8-----5---7----8-----8----7-----------------------| 
E |-3---5-/--6-----3---5-/--6-----3---5-/--6---------------8-----------------| 

(this funky interlude is peppered into the Chorus) 
E |--13---13---13---13---13---13--12------------------------------------------| 
B |--11---11---11---11---11---11--11------------------------------------------| 
G |--12---12---12---12---12---12--12------------------------------------------| 
D |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
A |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 

| /  slide up 
|   slide down 
| h  hammer-on 
| p  pull-off 
| ~  vibrato 
| +  harmonic 
| x  Mute note 

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tabs Lady Gaga - The Fame
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