Who Will Save Your Soul (acoustic)



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Who Will Save Your Soul (acoustic)

Intro 1x:  
E |--------------|--------------|----------3---|--------3--0--| 
B |------1-------|------3-------|-------0------|---3----------| 
G |--0-----0-----|--0-----0-----|--0-----------|------2-------| 
D |-----2----2---|-----2----2---|-----0--------|-0------------| 
A |-0------------|-3------------|--------------|--------------| 
E |--------------|--------------|-3------------|--------------| 
People living their lives. 
(Repeat intro throughout whole song) 
Who will save your souls. 
Hello guitarists, 
This is a very easy song to play and I am 100% sure this tab is correct.
 Enjoy, and if you have any questions or if you find any mistakes, be sure to let me know. 


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