Cold Song



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Cold Song

			          (not on an album) 
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1/2 step down(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) G C D e-----3----3-----3----3|----0-----0----0-----0|-----2-----2-----2-----2| B-----3----3-----3----3|----1-----1----1-----1|-----3-----3-----3-----3| G----------------------|----------------------|--------2-----------2---| D----------------------|-------2----------2---|--0-----------0---------| A-------2-----------2--|--3----------3--------|------------------------| E--3----------3--------|----------------------|------------------------|
Intro. G Verse 1 G C It's getting cold and I'm starting to sneeze G D I wipe my nose on my sleeve G C I got the sniffles I'd better drink my tea D G Oh, do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me
C G I'd catch a cold with you anytime C D I aint just feverish I aint just lyin' C G 'Cuz when your nose is runnin' it's a perfect time for kissin' and huggin' D G Oh, do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me
Verse 2 G C We'll stay inside where it's nice and warm G D tell our bosses we're caught in a sneezing storm G C We'll sniffle and snuggle and watch some more tv D G Oh, do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me Chorus Ending D Do you do you wanna wanna wanna wanna do you do you do you wanna do me o-d d-o G Do you do you wanna wanna catch a little cold with me? I have no idea who's actually gonna look at this considering nobody really knows about "the cold song" lol i think its cute though..jewel wrote it for her husband? i think? when he was sick and i thought it was cute. So i tabbed it for ya'll! enjoy!:)

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