Frankie J.

How to deal

Frankie J.

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How to deal

	  		*This is repeated throughout the intro and the song.   
Just keep playing and singing to your heart's content. 
*I just started playing guitar 1 month ago, so I'm  
still working on the bridge. Good Luck! 
Sometimes a man has to choose, 
do something he doesn't want to do, 
do I live my life with you as my wife, 
or do I go on and pursue my lifetime dreams, 
Gotta do this for me 
cause If I don't then I'll probably regret it,  
But if I do then I'll probably regret it. 
How do you cope when the one you love is with somebody 
else and there's nothing you could do about it, 
how do you deal with the fact that you had a chance, 
but you chose to turn away for you career, 
I gotta take it though it's heart breaking 
it's something that I had to do, 
but nobody said that it would hurt so bad 
so how do I live, how do I deal without you 
It's killing me to know that your heart's with me,  
but you're with him cause I chose to be in this industry, 
money, shows, and hoes come along with luxury, 
and fame, is all you see when you think about it,  
but this is the life that I was given 
so I have to it to the fullest, 
but how do I deal in the meantime without you 
repeat Chorus 
How do deal when you can't be with the one love 
cause the one you love is with somebody else 
I guess I'm gonna have just deal with it 
Don't want nobody else lovin' you 
Don't want nobody else lovin' me  


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