every now and then


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every now and then

Every Now And Then

There are basically 4 parts to this song. I have 3 of them listed below, still working on the third. Intro and Verses: Part A Bridge: Part B Chorus: Part C Each part is played repeatedly. Just listen to the song to see when to play each on. Part A e|-------3--------3-2------------------------------| B|-0h1--1--1--1------1-0-3--3-------------3-3--3---| G|-----0----0----0----2----0--2/4-2-0----0-0--0----| D|----2---2-----0---------0-----------4-2----0-----| A|-0-----------------------------------------------| E|------------2----------3------------------3------| Part B e|-----3--------0--------0----0h2----2h3-2-0-------| B|-3--3--3--2--2--2--1--1--1-----3----------3------| G|---0----0---0--0-0---0--0-0-----2----------------| D|--2---2----2--------2-------0----0-0-------------| A|-0--------0--------0-----------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| Part C e|-----3--------3---------3-----0h2----2h3-2-0-----| B|-3--3-3-3----3-3-3-----3-3-3-----3----------3----| G|---0---0-0--0---0-0---0---0-0-----2--------------| D|--0--------0---------2--------0----0-0-----------| A|----------2---------3----------------------------| E|-3-----------------------------------------------| Part D Haven't figured it out yet. :)

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