Fatboy Slim

Praise You

Fatboy Slim

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Praise You

Year: 1998 - Album: The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder

	  		tabbed by carl 
[email protected] 
Piano arranged for guitar 
F# C# G# 
e |--------------------------------------------------------------| 
B |--2-----2---------6----6-----4----------------------------| 
G |--3-----3---------6----6-----5----------------------------|  
D |--4-----4---------6----6-----6----------------------------|  
A |--4-----4----3---4----4-----6----------------------------| 
E |--2-----2---------------------4-----4----4----4----4----| 
Here's the bass: 
G |---------3--6--------------------------------------------------- 
D |--4--4-----------------3--6------------------------------------ 
A |-----------------4--4-----------------3--3--4--4--6--6------ 
E |--------------------------------4--4----------------------------- 


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