Deep Purple

Strange kind of woman

Deep Purple

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Strange kind of woman

Year: 1980 - Album: The Very Best of Deep Purple

(1)there once was a woman a strange kind of woman 
(2)i loved her everybody loved her 
(3)she looked like a raver but i could never please her 
(4)she finally said she loved me i wed her in a hurry 

   G               Dm             Am 
the kind that gets written down in history 
she loved everyone and gave a good return 
on Wednesday mornings boy you cant go far 
no more callers and i glowed with pride 

Her name was Nancy her face was nothing fancy 
I tried to take her i even tried to break her 
I couldn't get her but thing got the better she said 
I'm dreaming I feel like screaming 

   G                 Dm            Am 
she left a trail of happiness and misery 
she said i ain't for taking wont you ever learn 
Saturday night from now on baby your my star 
i won my woman just before she died 

Am    (then no chord - mute strings and strum)                          
I want you I need you I gotta be near you 
   G       Dm         Am 
I spent my money as i took my turn 
Am    (then no chord - mute strings and strum) 
I want you i need you i gotta be near you 

G        Dm             Am 
I got a strange kind of woman 

F     C     G     Am      F     C     G     Am   G             D 
ohh        ohh           ohh         ohh         Ooh my soul I love you 


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