Dave Mason

Feelin' Alright

Dave Mason

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Feelin' Alright

	  		Feelin' Alright: Dave Mason 
     D   C   G 
Verse 1: 
D                         C        G 
It seems I got to have a change in scene 
D                      C         G 
Every night I have the strangest dreams 
D                        C          G 
Imprisoned by the way it could have been 
D                       C     G 
Left here on my own, or so it seems 
D                            C        G 
I've gotta to leave before I start to scream 
D                                 C        G 
But someone's locked the door and took the key 
        D        C  G                D           G 
Feelin' alright,      not feeling to good myself (2x) 
Verse 2: 
Well, boy you sure took me for one big ride 
And even now I sit and I wonder why? 
Every time I think of you I got to keep dry 
And I start to cry, must keep on dry 
Got to stop believing in all your lies 
Because there's too much to do before I die 


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