Cosmo Jarvis

Is The World Strange

Cosmo Jarvis



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Is The World Strange

Standard Tuning - E A D G B E 

Intro/Chorus (Synth Chords) 

Verse (Synth Chords)  
Repeat ALOT OF TIMES| This melodic ostinato comes in half way through, you'll hear it. 
Everyone I know, I don't wanna see you anymore 
I don't even know, what I know you for 
All I know is that you made me feel abnormal 
And mostly always, all day, as kids when we played 
I still felt like I had to try to be okay with you 
And truly, I wanted you to like me 
Not spite me without explanation unrightly 
But even as a kid my heart's what I hid 
Coz something about it and this planet don't fit 
I could never build relationships the way you did 
So you were only friends with what I pretended 
Every day, every minute, and now I'm stuck so far in it 
This game will mean death for me if I don't win it 
I'm a coward, a deserter 
An anonymous flirter 
I had me a woman but my bullshit just hurt her 
Very much the same, when I was at school 
Felt like I was from a gene pool 
Created to be confused, should never have to choose 
Between what I am, and what the world understands 
But if I never did I'd be more isolated 
But sure I'd be hated, so it's way better if I fake it 
Fake me, fake these words 
I'm sick of polishing this turd 
For this proud little planet, that can't understand it 
But really, it's clearly my fucked mind that's had it 
I tried, don't know why, but myself was no help 
People saw shit inside me 
It's clear that they felt it wasn't their job to comprehend 
So I began learning them, to spare them the expense 
I began my decent to the future 
Time here's not like when you're eight 
It's real, like mistakes I just realized I made 
Like thinking people are worth having to suffer 
Painting over yourself in their favourite colour 
Or maybe I'm just a clock with no real face 
Who tried to tick tock but could not find a pace.... 

Guitar 2 does this on beat 4 of every bar for this Chorus. STACCATO!  

verse 2 (Synth Chords)  
Repeat ALOT OF TIMES| Ostinato still played.         New riff, comes in half way through. 
And I wished you would be harsh to me 
And explain to my face every fault you could see 
Instead you were silent yes you let me be 
To continue to search for what mask you could treat 
Like a mo-ther-fuc-king nor-mal hu-man be-ing 
Other kids in your club didn't have masks to bring 
They didn't act different, and that was sufficient 
For them to receive all your trust that I didn't 
That's why I can't care now about you lot 
Coz from the beginning you never said get lost 
You never said "fuck off, Cos take that brave mask off 
We as a world have decided you're just not what we're looking for 
In a long time acquaintance, we don't like hearing 
Your emotionless statements 
And your 'I can't play ball with the world' conversations 
Kill yourself now so in the future we're free 
From your songs about fucked up personality" 
I always prayed that you would punch me in the face 
And shout you are a waste of space get out my family say you can't come round 
Wanted everyone more than they ever wanted me 
I worked for them, worked for their company 
Coz it wasn't really me they befriended, extended friendly courtesy 
It was whatever mask, that I wore 
That applied to their sort 
That applied to them so much they'd answer the door 
When I knocked after school with my trusty skateboard 
And I'm paying for it now 
I'm a rain filled cloud that can't drop the huge storm it allowed 
To build up inside it, no not a single drip 
I can never get rid of what makes me a dick 
I'd say sorry, but it's not my fault I exist 
So just kiss my ass people 
I'm glad you won't miss me when I'm gone 
I don't want to be in your history 
It's best to forget me 
Even if you liked me you still never met me... 

PLAY INTRO/Chorus AGAIN (With staccato's) 

Is the world strange, or am I strange? 
Is the world strange, or am I? 
Is the world mean, or am I mean? 
Guess I won't know, till I die 
Is the world dead, or am I dead? 
Is the world dead or am I? 
Is the world fucked, or am I fucked? 
Guess I won't know till I die 

Solo                x4 
                                   Gets pretty random. 



then                  x4| 
these bends have no target note. 
And ya fuckin' done :D.  
Sorry bout the confusion, 'specially in the solo, but it was really random. 

| /   slide up 
| \   slide down 
| h   hammer-on 
| p   pull-off 
| ~   Let ring 
| *   harmonic 
| x   Mute note 
| b   Bend 
| pb  Pre-bend 
| br  Bend release 
| pbr Pre-bend release 
| brb Bend release bend 
| #   Bend string off neck and it makes the note go up a Major 3rd. 
      Releasing will bring it back down 


Full key step upFull key step up
Half key step upHalf key step up
Half key step downHalf key step down
Full key step downFull key step down
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