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	  		Bluebottle Kiss - To Think I'd Ever Disappoint You 
>From the album: Fear of Girls 
Written by Jamie Hutchings 
Transcribed by Stephen Cobb ([email protected]) 
Most of the song is F# sliding to A# followed by variations of this slide riff: 
Then the rhythm section drops out and the guitar plays: G F# 
Then an arpeggio based on this chord shape is played (but could be anywhere 
on the neck... I'm too lazy right now to figure out where exactly): 
Then its back to back to G F# before one of THOSE noise solos... 
("Light speed too slow?!?!" :) 
Back to G F# 
Then back to F# A# which after a while, is drowned out by another guitar 
playing F# F (up high with the root note on A) 
I'd like to take time now to apologise for the gratuitous Spaceballs 
quote... but in the re-commercialisation-of-Star-Wars age we're living in, I 
find it relevant... (and who can forget the name of Jamie H's publishing 
thingo? "cometothedarksideluke music") 


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