Ani Di Franco

Dog Coffee

Ani Di Franco


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Dog Coffee

	  		Tabbed by: Simon Says ([email protected])

Standard Tuning

Verse: (repeated)
E|---------------------|        E|---------------------|
B|---------------------|        B|---1----1----1-------|
G|-2/5----4----2-------|        G|---0----0----0-------|
D|-3/5----5----3-------|        D|---------------------|
A|--------3------------|        A|---------------------|
E|---5---------1-------|        E|---1----1----1-------|
E|---------------------|        E|---------------------|
B|---3----4----6----8--|        B|---10-10-------------|
G|---0----0----0----0--|        G|---10-10---5--5-4/---|
D|---0-----------------|        D|----0--0---5--5-5/---|
A|---0-----------------|        A|----------------3/---|
E|---3----4----6----8--|        E|---10-10---5--5------|


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tabs Ani Di Franco - Dog Coffee
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