Alice in Chains

Down in a hole

Alice in Chains

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Down in a hole

Year: 1992 - Album: Dirt

Written by Jerry Cantrell

	  		Tuning: down 1/2 step

b = bend
r = release
h = hammer on
p = pull off

INTRO - play several times, and again after the second chorus play. 
     finger style
       Am		 G5     D
e    --------------------3------2--------
B    --0h1--------1--------3------3------
G    ------2--------2--------0------2----
D    --------2--------2---------0-----0--
A    --0-------0-------------------------
E    --------------------3---------------

PRE-CHORUS - Scott plays this 8 times
Jerry plays something higher up the fret board but returns to the G & D chords.

       Asus2	     G       D
e    --0--------0-0--3--3-3--2--2-2--
B    --0-1-0----0-0--3--3-3--3--3-3--
G    --2-----2--2-2--0--0-0--2--2-2--
D    --2--------2-2--0--0-0--0--0-0--
A    --0-------------2--2-2----------
E    ----------------3--3-3----------
       Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved...

Play this 4 times

          Dm Dsus2	 Cadd9    G
e    --0--1--0--0-----0--0--0--------0-----
B    --3--3--3--3--3-----3-----3--------3--
G    --2--2--2--2--------0--------0--------
D    --0--0--0--0--------2--------0--------
A    --0-----------------3--------2--------
E    -----------------------------3--------
       Down in a hole, losing my soul...

Play this once

    Dsus2 E  F  C5			G5
e    --0--0--1-------------------------------------------------
B    --3--0--1-------------------------------------------------
G    --2--1--2--5-5--5--5--5--5--5--5--------------------------
D    --0--2--3--5-5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5-5---------------------
A    --0--2--3--3-3--3--3--3--3--3--3--5-5--5-5-5-5b6r5-5-3-3--
E    -----0--1-------------------------3-3--3-3-3-3b4r3-3-1-1--
     I'd like to fly, but my wings have been so

Play this next part 2 times 
Note: At the end of the song, play this 4 times and end with an Asus2 chord.
     Asus2  Am	        G      D
e    --0----------------3-3----2---------
B    --0-1-------1------3-3----3--3------
G    --2---2-------2----0-0-0--2----2----
D    --2-----2-------2--0-0-0--0------0--
A    --0-------0--------2-2-2------------
E    -------------------3-3-3------------

At 4:23 - Scott plays this 8 times during the last chorus play
Substitute the 8th note (13) with a 12 on the 2nd,4th,5th and 7th times.

e    ----------13----------12----------10------------
B    ------15----------15----------13------7--7h8p7--
G    --14----------14----------12--------------------
D    ------------------------------------------------
A    ------------------------------------------------
E    ------------------------------------------------

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