Yoko Ono

What A Bastard The World Is

Yoko Ono

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What A Bastard The World Is

	  		D                      Am 
Early in the morning I feel my pillow 
  C             G         D 
I listen to the soundless phone 
My thoughts are sweaty, freezing inside 
    C     G        D     Dm 
Our bed's empty as ever 
What a bastard you are 
G                    D 
Leaving me all night missing you 
D                           Am 
Slowly the door opens, you stand for a while 
C            G            D 
See if I'm asleep or just closing my eyes 
I quickly get up and throw my pillows 
C        G       D 
Throw an ashtray filled with butts 
C                             G 
Where were you all night if I may ask you so? 
         Am                          G 
Though I don't care at all, I'd just like to know 
Right! you weren't near the phone to call me from 
Or is it you were afraid to wake me up? 
    Am                                 G 
I'm sick and tired of listening to the same old crap 
    C                      Bm 
You know half the world is occupied with you pigs 
  C                      G 
I can always get another pig like you 
       C                                 Bm 
You've heard of female liberation, well, that's for me 
       C                                G 
You'll see me walk out one day and then where will you be? 
But don't you be too happy 
I ain't walking out yet to give you satisfaction 
I'm first gonna find something other than the walls 
To have some human conversation 
          C                              Bm 
Then I'll glow, I'll be happy inside, my limbs will relax 
    C                              G 
And I can walk out into the world, singing with my people 
    C                                      Bm 
But now I couldn't even move my muscles to go near the door 
   C                                   G 
I've been sitting here too long and my legs are numb 
        C                        Bm 
Are you listening, you jerk, you pig, you bastard 
     Am                             G 
You scum of the earth, you good for nothing? 
Are you listening? 
Oh, don't go, don't go, please, don't go 
         C                    G 
I didn't mean it, i'm just in pain 
I'm sorry, I'm sorry 
The door is closed, she's left alone 
D         A      E 
Making herself a breakfast 
Her hands are shaking, her eyes looking out 
D            A          E            Em 
Watching the trees grow day by day 
What a bastard the world is 
A              E 
Taking my man away from me 
A                 E 
Taking the world away from me 
Female lib is nice for Joan of Arc 
    C#m                       G#m 
But it's a long, long way for Terry and Jill 
E                             B 
Most of us were taught not to shout our will 
C#m                               G#m 
Few of us are encouraged to get a job for skill 
    E              G#m       A               E 
And all of us live under the mercy of male society 
F#m                 G#m  B      E 
Thinking that their want is our need 

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