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Shadows Keyboard

Yo La Tengo

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by joaoewerton

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A                                  Em 
Scold me, that's all you've got to say 
A                        G# 
Coldly, hurt me and turn away 
         C#m            G#m      A                   F#m 
You say, "I'm not sorry yet" I'm resigned to what is next 
I head for the shadow 

(play intro) 

A                              Em 
Hold me taking it back through tears 
       A                              G# 
You've told me, slowly confessed your fears 
         C#m           G#m      A                       F#m 
But I've got myself to protect. It's too soon for me to forget 
I'll wait in the shadows 


       D                       C#m 
In the shadows, where I end up loved 
     D                             C#m 
They help me see that I've finally won 
   B            E 
We wait in your heart 

A Em A G# 

   C#m           G#m               A                     F#m 
So until I truly believe that your words convey what you mean 
I'll wait in the shadows 
I'll wait in the shadows 
                 D        A 
I don't mind the shadows. 


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